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Classes available for 5-14 y/o. We focus on building fundamental skills, movement, and flexibility to set the foundation for a long, successful, and safe journey in jiu-jitsu. Our kids are encouraged to be confident leaders and caring teammates. 


Learn the most up to date and effective systems of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. This class is awesome for all practitioners to enjoy the learning aspect and in-depth systematic approach we take to the art. 


Get in shape, have fun and learn. We focus on building and maintaining a strong foundation in the basic positions and the fundamental principles of jiu-jitsu. These classes are critical for all levels of practitioners, whether it is your first day or you are a longtime black belt. 


A self-directed class to practice whatever skill or position you would like. An instructor will always be available for questions or clarifications, but we encourage you to take this time to work on whatever YOU feel you need to. Drills and repetition of the movements are key. 


 If your goal is to compete or increase overall fitness, we encourage you to try our competition class and push yourself to a new level. We utilize games, skill-based drills, positional sparring, and more to improve strength, speed, endurance, and timing. 


Live and positional practice (scrimmage). This is most practitioners favorite class. Test the skills you have learned in class against your fellow teammates in a fun and controlled environment. 


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