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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art and self defense system that allows individuals to defend themselves against opponents of all sizes.  At Midwest Jiu-jitsu we focus on building strong, confident and capable martial artists. You will learn how to protect yourself, get in shape, as well as enjoy the life style and health benefits of the art. Our program offers great opportunities for team travel and networking. We work towards growth of the sport and community involvement. 



Whether you are just beginning your journey or pursuing a professional career in martial arts, we offer a variety of classes to suit every practitioner.






Available to all ages and skill levels


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I was hesitant to start learning jujitsu because I had no martial arts experience and thought the learning curve would just be to great. I’m so glad I finally grew the nerve to start! Andrew is an amazing coach. From a complete newbie perspective, he gives you enough to challenge you but he breaks the skills down enough that allows you to feel successful after every session. All of the training partners are very good to “the new guy”. There is no judgment or snickering, everyone is there to help you and is happy to see you improve. If you’ve been thinking about trying out jujitsu, stop thinking about it and check out Midwest jujitsu!



I love a place where people make you feel welcomed, that’s exactly the coaches at Midwest. Midwest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Saskatoon is a great gym where the instructors care and put hard work into every individual. They have created a curriculum to ensure students are hitting their BJJ goals, all while having fun. Currently, my husband, daughter and son attend Midwest. I highly recommend for adults and children.

Midwest Jujitsu is a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment for anyone who wants to learn Brazilian Jujitsu for sport, competition or self protection.
Coach Andrew Hanson teaches the principles and not just the techniques. Each are broken down and explained in ways which even non martial artists can easily relate to and understand. But more important for me is the fact that Andrew does not teach from theory, nor from books or videos; but from his proven competitive experience and hard earned credentials as a lifelong martial artist and competitive fighter. I feel safe in the knowledge that everything I’m learning has been pressure tested and will ‘work’ - if I’m diligent enough to train often :) and now I won’t be looking to train anywhere else.


506 Duchess Street

Saskatoon, SK S7K 0R1

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