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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a martial art and self defense system that allows individuals to defend themselves against opponents of all sizes.  At Midwest Jiu-jitsu we focus on building strong, confident and capable martial artists. You will learn how to protect yourself, get in shape, as well as enjoy the life style and health benefits of the art. Our program offers great opportunities for team travel and networking. We work towards growth of the sport and community involvement. 


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Whether you are just beginning your journey or pursuing a professional career in martial arts, we offer a variety of classes to suit every practitioner.







Available to all ages and skill levels
$55/30 min
$100/60 min




June 2021

“I've been registered at Midwest for the past year and a half and have been loving it! The program is curriculum based with a specific focus on the fundamentals. I was hesitant to join based on my skill level, but students and instructors are inclusive of all ranks. There are a wide range of classes available for all abilities at various times of the week. If you are passionate about learning BJJ from a world class competitor and instructor, I would hands down recommend Midwest!”


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May 2021

“My name is Jair Mckinnon. I am a 4th stripe blue belt with GFT. I started training at Midwest about 1 year ago. I've trained at a few gyms over the years, but had trouble finding somewhere that gave me all the training I needed to reach my goals. When I needed extra training Midwest was happy to accommodate me. When the program expanded last year lead by coach Andrew Hanson it was a no brainer to start training there full time. Soon after we joined GFT under CJ Hollet. I now have the option to train multiple times per day with structured classes. You couldn't ask for better training partners. Everyone is inclusive and friendly. Midwest has built a culture around training safe to protect everyone from injuries. If you are a beginner looking to start your Jiu-jitsu journey or an experienced competitor this is the gym for you.”



March 2021

"I decided to try BJJ because I was looking to try something different than weight-lifting which had been my exercise of choice for years. Unexpectedly, I discovered a new passion, gained an incredible amount of self-confidence, developed new friendships, and pushed myself to new mental and physical heights. I have been training at Midwest Jiu-Jitsu for about a year now under the instruction of Coach Andrew Hanson and I would recommend this place to EVERYONE. Big or small, short or tall, young or old, I know you would have an absolute blast learning BJJ and also challenging yourself in a totally different way. 10/10 would recommend!”



506 Duchess Street

Saskatoon, SK s7k 0R1

Tel: 306-260-0071

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